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about us
Elettronica In is a monthly magazine (10 issues per year) dealing with applied electronics; it is meant to be instructive and informative and caters to those who operate within the field of electronic design.
More specifically, our magazine is geared towards those who work in Research and Development labs and Technical Departments of small- and medium-sized companies, as well as to those still attending courses in electronics and computer science (i.e., high school through university students) and their teachers.
But we also bear in mind the layperson who is simply fascinated with this field and who, for various reasons, may want to be able to create electronic devices on a do-it-yourself basis.
Content-wise, the magazine consists of two distinct components:
Applied projects
Theoretical courses
Each issue is partly devoted to projects that are technologically very advanced with respect to both hardware and software. We endeavor to illustrate such projects in as clear and comprehensible a manner as possible by dealing closely with working modalities, structural details, and software issues. As a result, readers can acquire and practice hands-on knowledge which will enable them to keep working on similar or even more complex tasks. In any event, every activity is original and can immediately benefit the user.
As for the theoretical aspect, we deal with extremely topical issues about which little information is available. Theoretical topics are invariably followed by practical activities through which the user is able to check the validity of the theory itself.The printed version of Elettronica In is available monthly at newsstands in Italy. Currently the magazine is available only in Italian. The digital version (also in Italian) can be purchased and downloaded from our Site, and so can Courses, Top Projects, Monographs, Collections of Projects. Readers outside Italy can buy an annual subscription (10 issues) to the digital version: every month subscribers will be able to download and store the magazine on their PC as a high-resolution PDF file; they will be able to read it on video and/or print it out. We intend to eventually translate all of our articles into English. Those already available in English are marked with a small UK flag. Magazine subscribers have many advantages over non-subscribers. To name just one, the former are allowed to download the source code of most of the microcontrollers used in our projects, while the latter can only download the hex code.
Below, some examples of our projects
GSM Localizer without GPS

Download PDF (2,13 MB)

GSM Remote Control

Download PDF (2,71 MB)

GSM Gate Remote Control

Download PDF (2,64 MB)

Media info

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